STAR tools
Surface temperature and runoff tools for assessing the potential of green infrastructure in adapting urban areas to climate change
The STAR tools allow users to assess the potential of green infrastructure in adapting their areas to climate change. They include a surface temperature tool and a surface runoff tool.

The STAR tools can be used at a neighbourhood scale (in the North West of England and beyond) to test the impact of different land cover scenarios of greening and development on surface temperatures and runoff, under different temperature and precipitation scenarios.

Outputs of the STAR tools can be used to inform policy, strategy, and development. They are of use to a range of professionals and organisations with an interest in understanding more about the influence of urban greening on their local climate. This includes planners, developers, masterplanners, local authorities, urban forestry initiatives, NGOs and academics.

Please use the below links to find guidance on
  • Using the tools
  • Why they are needed
  • The scale they can be used at
  • Input requirements (in North West England and beyond)
  • What the output looks like
  • Applications
  • The models underpinning the tools